Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's October already! I'm feeling very apathetic about blogging at the moment. Daniel vocabulary is shooting through the roof, speaking in sentences and able to mimic most words (to be somewhat recognizable). It is very cute to hear him say his prayers at night. Or when he says "I like you, Mummy". He has finally learned to jump and practices it in many places (including beds, and picnic tables!)
Ryan is trying to crawl, but mostly it looks like 'swimming' at the moment. He cranes his neck to see what his big brother is up to, and loves splashing in the bath tub.
I've become involved in the leadership team of my local MOPS (mothers of pre schoolers) group, which is exciting but a little daunting too. I'm praying about the possibility of returning to work (substitute teaching 1 day a week), and when a good time would be. I also enquired at the local dancing school as I'd like to get back into Highland Dancing, even if it's just for the exercise. I'm not sure how that will go, though, as it would require finding a babysitter for the hour in between me leaving and Nathan getting home from work. The possibilities!
 Nathan's work is going well. His probation is over, and he's ordered a new work car which should arrive in Mackay before Christmas. His company has won another contract up here, so we'll be here at least til September 2011.

We had a lovely visit from Nana & Poppy this weekend. And we're looking forward to a visit from Uncle Ross in another week.

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